The Benefits of Adding Video Interviews to Your Recruitment Process

"When you limit hiring to people who live in a small number of big cities, or who are willing to move there, that cuts out a lot of people who live in different communities, have different backgrounds, have different perspectives." - Mark Zuckerberg. 

Remote work allows you to benefit from a wider talent pool with vastly different perspectives at a reduced salary compared to those in the big cities. Remote work is clearly the future.

However, even with remote work, many employers fly their candidates into the city to interview them at the offices. However, we think that may be redundant. So, in this article, we’re going to tell you why it is a good idea to conduct video interviews:

  • Benefits of Adding Video Interviews to Your Recruitment Process

  • Reduce recruitment costs and time 

The most tedious task of the recruitment process is communicating and scheduling interviews with candidates. When you have to fly in candidates from elsewhere, travel and accommodation costs are added. So your company might end up having to bear expenses for all the candidates, even though they might not be the right fit. Adding to that, think about all the time that is spent. 

Video interviews save you from all of it. Travel costs are cut since no one will be flying in, and week-long processes can be cut short to a day’s time as small talk and the gap between two interviews is eliminated. 

No discrimination 

There will likely be differences in opinion during an interview with multiple people involved. However, digital interviews are conducted by AI, eliminating human bias. Further, all the questions are standard, so the chances for a candidate to be unfairly tested are minimal to none. The risk of losing a great candidate because of an interviewer's own bias is vastly reduced.

Consistency in the process

As mentioned earlier, in the case of in-person interviews, there are always chances of bias affecting how the interview plays out. Even if it is unintentional, the way an interviewer asks specific questions can affect how candidates respond to them. With video interviews, questions are set beforehand and presented in a standard way, so all the interviews are going to be consistent. When the flow of the interviews stays the same, the recruitment process is likely to be a lot more accurate.

Test the candidate’s pro-activeness & tech-compatibility 

Video interviews are conducted with technology. So a candidate will have to be proactive in terms of registration & submission to be a part of the interview which again filters passive candidates away. Hence, the company will be spending time on only those candidates who are genuinely interested and tech-savvy. 

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Stress-free environment for candidates 

In many cases, even the best candidates perform poorly due to stress. They may be perfect for the job, but interview pressure prevents them from presenting themselves in the best light. Video interviews allow candidates to prepare and appear for the interview from the comfort of their own homes. In the case of self-recorded interviews, candidates can even prepare well in advance and give the interview when they feel ready (before the deadline, of course). Additionally, if each question isn't time-sensitive, candidates can take a moment to structure answers in a more detailed manner.

Easy comparison between candidates 

When interviews are conducted in person, the evaluation of candidates is largely dependent on the type of questions they are asked. However, when it comes to video interviews, all candidates will be asked the same set of questions. This makes it relatively easier to compare candidates. 

Apart from all these benefits, conducting interviews digitally also gives your company an edge in the market. How? For one, you can interview anyone from anywhere in the world and can do so quickly, without having to wait to meet in person. 

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