The core functions of the right video interview solutions 

While some companies have been conducting video interviews for years, for most, it’s a relatively new trend. Video interviewing might seem simple - book a Zoom meeting and start the interview. 

However, there’s more to it than that. In order to conduct video interviews efficiently, you need a solid video interview software - one that best fits your needs, blends seamlessly with your HR operations, and saves your company time and unnecessary expenses.

The core functions of the right video interview solutions 

The most important feature of a good video interviewing software is to check whether it enables clear video calling and recording with your candidates. Here are a few other things to look for: 

Format diversity

The screening process for every job interview is different. For example, one could be an end-to-end interview process with multiple steps, and another could be a  30-second elevator pitch between a few shortlisted candidates. 

Whatever the format of the video interview, the most important criteria is to ensure your video interview software offers you a range of formats to conduct your video interview effectively. 

Advanced technology

While conducting video interviews, you want to minimize latency. Looking for video interview software that supports and records HD quality videos, and protects the privacy of the users, should be your top priority. 

core functions of the right video interview solutions

Peer Review

Hiring a new employee is usually never a one-man decision. In most cases, the HR department and future team members are the ones who assess the candidate. 

Hence, a good video interview software should enable safe sharing of the candidate’s data across departments,  and should also allow for centralized feedback. 

interview as a service platform

Custom Branding

A small but often overlooked issue is custom branding. Custom branding can help candidates get a feel of the nature of your company and perform accordingly. 

You can opt to pre-record questions or upload a teaser that allows candidates to get a glimpse into your company culture and possibly feel less stressed during the interview. 


These are just a few of the functionalities that the best video recruitment software should offer. With FloCareer, adapting to the latest recruitment technology trends is made super easy.

You can be sure that our world-class video interviewing software has these core functions and more. We invite you to sign up for a free live demo today!