One of the unforeseen drawbacks of the Great Resignation has been recruiter attrition; the turbulent job market has put immense pressure on recruiters. The staggering drop in job satisfaction is due to increased difficulty in attracting and retaining talent, leaving HR leaders fatigued due to what they described as an ‘unsustainable workload.’ A survey of over 500 HR professionals found that almost four in five are open to leaving their jobs. 

Having good hiring managers as part of your talent acquisition team is essential; they’re the first point of contact between organizations and potential employees and the basis for candidates to form their initial assumptions about the firm. However, despite their crucial role in the organization, one in two HR professionals feels a lack of support from their firm.

This article will help you understand the common reasons why hiring managers are leaving their jobs and what you can do to improve their job satisfaction and retain them for longer.

Why do recruiters want to leave?

A recent survey by Brazen assessed the driving factors behind the low job satisfaction recruiters are experiencing in 2022. Here are some of the aspects they discovered that contribute to recruiters wanting to leave:

  • Not having enough time or bandwidth as a result of long work hours.

  • Burnout from the increased workload of finding and evaluating potential candidates.

  • Fewer opportunities for making personalized connections with candidates. 

  • Dissatisfaction with their ability to source as candidates drop off mid-way through the recruitment process. 

why do recruiters want to leave

4 ways to improve recruiter satisfaction

As a business, your employees are your most valuable resource, making the talent acquisition professionals who find and hire these candidates vital to your success. It’s essential to give them the support, training, and resources to do their job in the best way possible.

Follow these four tips to create a productive work environment and retain your best recruiters:

1. Reduce choice overload by simplifying sourcing

Recruiters have endless channels to discover new candidates, which is not necessarily beneficial. The phenomenon known as the paradox of choice states that the more options a person has, the less satisfied they are with their final decision. The vast choice means there is increased demand on hiring managers to find the “perfect” candidate, making their jobs harder.

Deciding where and how to source new talent can cause recruiters to burn out before they’ve begun shortlisting candidates. Therefore, it’s vital to reduce the choice overload your recruiters might be facing by streamlining your recruitment sourcing. FloCareer’s Application Tracking System helps you track applications across multiple sources and offers structured insights on which channel is most effective for you to attract candidates. 

2. Shorten the selection process with automated screening 

With most recruiters experiencing burnout from too many responsibilities, the first step in improving retention is reducing their unnecessary workload. The screening process, a time-consuming responsibility for talent acquisition teams, involves browsing through hundreds of resumes to filter those that match the job description. A manually conducted screening process is not only taxing for recruiters but is also prone to errors and bias. 

Since resumes are essentially a snapshot of a candidate’s education and experience, which are not necessarily predictive of success in a role, they increase the chance of hiring bias such as confirmation bias and affinity bias. This reduces diversity in the workplace, and can result in suitable candidates getting overlooked.

A simple way to do away with the strain and problems of screening is to use automated resume screening tools. FloCareer’s JD to CV match is a tech-based solution that matches resumes to the job description by giving a percent score, making the process quicker and more efficient.

3. Opt for Interview as a Service (IaaS) for quality hires

Recruiters are burdened with conducting multiple rounds of interviews before shortlisting the final candidate for a position. This task is even more complex when hiring for technical positions since many general recruiters don’t understand the specialized skill sets needed.

FloCareer’s Interview as a Service (IaaS) can help if you struggle with hiring for technical roles. IaaS is a means of outsourcing the first few rounds of any in-depth technical interviews your company might need to conduct with industry experts. Once candidates are identified and matched to the job description, FloCareer creates the interview structure and schedules the interview with one of FloExperts. After this, your hiring managers only have to assess the subset of highly qualified job seekers that have already been screened. 

4. Prioritize communication to retain candidates

One of the main reasons candidates are frustrated during the application process is communication between them and recruiters: 51% of candidates surveyed on why they dropped out of the hiring process claimed that inadequate communication was the driving factor. In addition, 38% cited not knowing where they stand in the application process as their reason for dropping off.

One way to improve the communication channels during recruitment is to adopt recruitment software like applicant tracking systems that automatically acknowledge candidate applications by sending them an email. Streamlining the selection process using IaaS can also reduce the hiring timeline for candidates making them less likely to drop off mid-way, reducing the recruiters’ frustration.

Upgrade your recruitment efforts with FloCareer

Fatigue from burnout seems to be dictating the attrition rates among recruiters, so prioritizing their job satisfaction is essential for companies today. With a combination of FloCareer’s Applicant Tracking System, automated screening tools, and a pool of professional interviewers, you can instantly lower the demanding responsibilities of your in-house recruitment team. 

FloCareer’s interviewers undergo ongoing training to hone their skills, and our IaaS ensures you’re connected with industry experts that can skillfully conduct technical interviews for you. In addition, our interview structure solution creates a question bank based on the job difficulty level and position you are hiring for and includes situational and technical questions.

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