Recently Warren Sukernek, FloCareer VP of Marketing was interviewed by CyberNews, a leading technology focused publication.  The focus of the article was:

Finding qualified employees is extremely time-consuming and with constantly rising demand and barely moving supply, it is harder than ever before.

But with new problems, new solutions arrive too. To find qualified individuals, companies now use different hiring processes like talent hunting service providers. A great example of such a service – FloCareer.

To find out more, Cybernews staff reached out to Warren Sukernek, VP of Marketing at FloCareer, to talk about the benefits of Interview-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions.

Warren Sukernek, FloCareer VP

Please read the article as we think you will find it very insightful including:

  • How do you think the recent global events affected the hiring landscape?
  • How can companies foster creativity and innovation when the majority of employees are working remotely?
  • What cybersecurity solutions do you think are essential for teams working remotely?
  • What do you think an average workplace is going to look like in the near future?