Remember, back in 1999, when the Y2K bug threatened to bring down the world's financial systems?  Twenty years later, it seems that the threat is definitely over.  Yet, much like in the last Star Wars, the terrible threat of the late 1990s makes an unexpected comeback in 2020.

Hiring in Y2K kind of outsourcing scenario

While the Y2K bug popularized agile processes and IT outsourcing, the year 2020 brings in much more.  Remote working, technological advancements and digital transformation are changing the current scenario rapidly.  And then suddenly, HR departments that had well-established processes are forced to completely rethink their way of working, jostled by the eruption of COVID-19. 

New issues emerge: Should the stages of the process be reduced? What are the decisive selection criteria now? What soft skills will be the most useful in the post-crisis period? What tools to use to recruit remotely? How do I conduct a large number of interviews in the absence of a “recruitment drive”?

It’s time to redraw the strategy.  Until now, the majority of companies recruited face-to-face, with only a few preliminary steps carried out online (such as first telephonic interview, tests, etc.) in the pre-COVID era. Now, recruitment is done entirely remotely.  The question then arose: how to recruit effectively from a distance?  It is not a question of simply transposing the same traditional methods into a digital environment, but of rethinking the recruitment process as a whole.

What happens in 2021?

As things start returning to normal, organizations and candidates are going to experience the buzz in the market.  There will be new opportunities and organizations will face the challenge of finding the right resources in the quickest turnaround time possible.  Candidates or the talent pool, on the other hand, will have a wider choice.  The final decision will then depend on how well the organization manages the recruitment process and beats the competition.

With the development of location agnostic solutions, one can only imagine the influx of highly qualified applicants from across the country.   Organizations will still need inhouse teams to find the right pool of candidates.  We, at FloCareer, are witnessing this transition.  The need to outsource the technical interviews in order to meet the hiring demands in a shorter span of time has led to a sudden spike in the business.   The biggest benefit for our customers is the Turn Around Time.  When you plug into cloud services, you always benefit from tapping into larger resource pools on demand.

To conclude...

Rapid requirements of new skills, flexible workforce, remote hiring and need for faster turnaround-time forces HR leaders across the globe to think outside of the box and tap into innovative solutions like “Interview as a Service” to meet their deliverables.

It's a new world order, and the way we live is changing faster than we could ever imagine. This is a change that we never saw coming and that many companies were not prepared for.  But the change is here, and it is right that companies learn to adapt to the new trend. Just like COVID led organizations across the world to adopt technology overnight, video interviewing and technical interview outsourcing are being embraced.  How ready are you for the change?