We all believe that hiring employees and interviewing them can be quite expensive.  But has anyone sat down to figure out the real cost of the process?  Not only has FloCareer analyzed the current data trends based on performing several hundred thousand interviews for developers, but we have created a very interactive calculator that you can customize to your situation. With this model, Engineering and Talent Acquisition Leaders can have a productive conversation about what it takes to achieve your shared goals for hiring developers and other technical talent. It also gives you a custom report showing how to optimize the process to hire top talent while preserving engineering time.

Hire Tech Talent

It takes just a few key inputs, and not only will we show the annual cost to complete your interviews, but we will also show you the ROI of working with FloCareer to perform your first level technical interviews.

All that you need to do is submit:

· Budgeted Compensation for New Hire (Annual Salary)

· Productivity Multiplier of the Employee (a measure of employee productivity ranging from 1.2 to 3)

· Number of new hires/ year (how many developers you plan to hire)

· Average Time to Hire (time-to-hire refers to the amount of time that passes between when the candidate is initially contacted and when they accept the job offer).

Once you enter your variables, the calculator (and associated report) will provide

· The cost per interview.

· The number of developer hours required to perform the interviews.

· The total cost to complete all of your interviews and fulfill your team.

· The value that FloCareer provides in terms of reducing developer interview hours and reducing time to hire.

Learn more about how the Interview as a Service platform can help you hire better, faster and at scale.

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