FloCareer’s Approach to Video Interview Auditing

Auditing can improve the quality of remote video interviews by providing a mechanism for checking and verifying that the interview process is being conducted fairly and consistently.  This can include reviewing the questions being asked, the manner in which they are asked, and the overall conduct of the interview. Auditing can also help identify any potential bias or issues within the interview process, allowing for corrective action to be taken. Additionally, auditing can provide a record of the interview process, which can be useful for later reference or in the event of any disputes.  Overall, auditing can help ensure that remote video interviews are conducted in a professional and unbiased manner, resulting in higher-quality interviews and better hiring decisions.

As a result, we audit every interview with a proven 32 point approach. Not only does this help to ensure top quality interviews, but it also assists in detecting and mitigating candidate interview fraud.

FloCareer’s Quality Process : Quality Management guarantees that an organization, product, or service delivery is reliable and meets the stipulated target. It consists of four main components: Quality Planning (QP),Quality Control (QC), Quality Assurance (QA), and Quality improvement (QI).
Quality Management ensures that the focus is not only on the service quality, but also on the means to accomplish it. Therefore it utilizes control of processes to achieve and maintain more consistent levels of quality across the board.

Standard Compliance %: 95%

FloCareer’s Approach to Video Interview Auditing

Functions performed by the Quality Team:

  • Quality attainment and Performance improvement within the company : We perform the audits from Ground level to Escalated cases. Quality team is monitoring every Interview Video, Chats initiated by FloExpert/Client/Candidate and Calls which are done as per the requirement. By following this, we ensure smooth running of our process. 

  • Evaluate Client's Requirements :  We make sure to use the Audit outcomes and evaluate the requirements of the client based on the errors found in audits.

  • Define practices and standard operating procedures : We define the parameters needed by the organization in our Audit Sheet. This sheet evaluates the Behavioral and Process Adherence scores of every FloExpert.

  • Gather and investigate performance data against defined parameters: Audit data is further used to publish the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Dashboards which helps to track the Compliance percentage and the performance of our FloExperts. The Audit scores achieved are sent to the FloExpert who has been audited. This audit data helps us to measure the Compliance % for both clients wise and FloExperts.  We can refer to this data for checking the Fraud cases audited, FloExpert Late cases, Reject ratio of the FloExperts (as per the audits covered),etc.

  • Identify quality-related training needs : Every repeated offender found during the audits is first given the verbal feedback by our Customer Service team. This feedback covers the revision of all the Quality Parameters explained to them. We further identify the training needs which are later catered by our Training team.

  • Fraud Detection: The Quality team audits the interview videos on parameter "Fraud Detection marked correctly by FloExpert''.  Here we monitor the candidates on the below mentioned pointers to detect Fraud/Suspicious cases:

  1. Track Lip Movement

  2. Check for any third voice in case of suspicious candidate

  3. Ensure that face including lips should be clearly visible 

  4. Keep a check on Eye Movement to ensure that the candidate is not reading out the answers

  5. Check if candidate is repeating the questions and taking time to answer

  6. Check on Audio Video lag issues due to connectivity - To avoid any incorrect fraud marking.


Based on the above checks, we conclude if the candidate is fraud or not. The client is then updated.

FloCareer Interview-as-a-Service Platform

  • Corrective and Preventive Action Plan : Every FloExpert who is not seen improving gets Disassociated to maintain the Quality standards of our interviews. For every Severity 1 error, the FloExpert is not given any second chance and is blocked to take any further interviews.

  • Monitoring the Candidate's Experience : We also ensure to audit the feedback shared by the candidates based on their experience of the Interview journey.

FloCareer tries the best to follow these practices for better experience of our clients, FloExperts and candidates.