What Is a Panel Interview and How to Succeed in One

You’ve received the coveted interview invitation, and as you peruse the details, a distinctive format catches your eye – a panel interview awaits you. A departure from the more conventional one-on-one discussions, a panel interview involves facing multiple interviewers simultaneously. What does this mean for you, and how can you ensure success in this unique setting?

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Understanding Panel Interviews: A Deeper Dive

A panel interview introduces a distinctive dynamic where you, as the candidate, engage with a group of two or more interviewers concurrently. It distinguishes itself from group interviews or team interviews, where interactions involve multiple candidates or potential team members. The rationale behind panel interviews lies in their efficiency, providing a streamlined approach for assessing candidates.

Why Opt for Panel Interviews?

Panel interviews offer a practical solution to the challenges posed by coordinating multiple interview rounds, a common practice in many organizations. The efficiency of panel interviews, with all participants present at once, minimizes the need for prolonged scheduling efforts. However, the primary advantage lies in the diverse perspectives they bring to candidate evaluation.

Annie Rosencrans, People and Culture Director at HiBob, highlights the unique advantage of panel interviews. They create a scenario where the same question elicits varied interpretations from different interviewers. This collective insight sheds light on the candidate's suitability, contributing to a more comprehensive assessment. Additionally, the post-interview discussion among panelists helps mitigate bias, fostering a fair applicant review process.

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Preparing for Panel Interviews: Tips for Success

While the fundamentals of interview preparation remain consistent, panel interviews can be particularly nerve-wracking. Here are tailored tips to enhance your readiness for this distinct format:

Thorough Research:

Investigate each panelist's role and responsibilities. This knowledge becomes invaluable when formulating questions during the interview and reinforces your interest in their specific areas of the business.

Documentation Readiness:

Bring an ample supply of extra resumes – one for each panelist and a few additional copies. This ensures you're well-prepared if the conversation delves into specific details from your resume.

Mastering the Panel Interview: Strategies for Triumph

While the core principles of individual interviews apply, there are nuances to consider when facing a panel. Implement these strategies to navigate the panel interview successfully:

Inclusive Eye Contact:

Establish eye contact with every panel member, regardless of the group size. Rotate your gaze while answering questions to gauge individual reactions and engage the entire panel in the conversation.

Mindful Pauses:

Given diverse interviewing styles among panelists, active listening becomes crucial. Pause before responding to ensure you've comprehended each question fully. This practice avoids interrupting interviewers and demonstrates thoughtful consideration.

Vocal Clarity and Volume:

Confirm audibility, especially if panelists are seated at a distance. Adjust your volume accordingly and sustain clear articulation throughout the interview to minimize the chances of miscommunication.

Diverse Responses to Similar Questions:

Despite the expectation that panelists share questions and avoid repetition, be prepared for variations. Use this as an opportunity to delve deeper into previous responses or introduce new aspects of your skills and experiences.

Strategic Note-Taking:

Craft a system for note-taking that helps you attribute comments to specific panelists. Whether through initials or assigned numbers, this aids in referencing individual feedback and questions.

Post-Panel Interview Etiquette: Sealing the Impression

As you conclude the panel interview, your efforts extend beyond the interview room. Follow these post-interview practices to enhance your chances of success:

Complete Your Notes:

Take a few moments to finalize your notes, capturing key insights and any outstanding thoughts. This process aids in retaining valuable information for future reference.

Personalized Thank You Notes:

Extend gratitude to each panelist through personalized thank-you notes. Differentiate your messages by highlighting unique aspects of the interview. This showcases your attention to detail and reinforces your appreciation for their collective input.

Understanding the Dynamics of Panel Interviews

Team Dynamics: In a panel interview, not only are you evaluated individually, but the dynamics among the interviewers also come into play. Understanding how panelists interact and engage with each other provides valuable insights.

Varied Perspectives: Recognize that each panelist brings a unique perspective to the evaluation process. Tailor your responses to encompass a broad range of experiences and viewpoints, ensuring your suitability resonates with the diverse panel.

In-Person vs. Virtual Panel Interviews: Tailoring Strategies

Whether your panel interview unfolds in person or virtually, certain strategies remain consistent. Researching the panel, active listening, and eye contact, albeit with adjustments, apply universally. In virtual scenarios, prioritize direct engagement with all panel members, ensuring inclusivity in your responses.

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