We asked our customers – some of them working with us for more than a year now – why do you choose to outsource your first few rounds of technical interviews to us? While we received 7 odd reasons for this, we were able to see a trend of why customers feel motivated to use “Interview as a Service” solution from FloCareer. Allow us to share them with you…

Most of the interviews we do are in Information Technology / Computer Science domain as of now.  (Though our platform is domain and region agnostic).  24 customers were part of this survey and most of them were HR leaders, while some were from delivery team.  

Essentially we talked with decision makers who are responsible for the P&L and budget of the company or the business unit.  Two key reasons they opted and continued to use our Interview as a Service solutions are: 1. Cost savings and 2. Faster hiring process

Cost Savings

For our services industry clients, it was a no-brainer.  The numbers are simply “in your face” for services industry clients.  To on-board one more person in the team, hiring teams need to interview at least 15 job seekers.  

Our average rejections at FloCareer level is 70% and after our selections, hiring companies enjoy about 80% technical selects.  This directly translates into large number of hours saved by the hiring teams – the time they can use to serve their clients, who are typically billed in $$$. It makes sense for them to outsource first few rounds of technical interviews to a robust and quality outcome focused platform like FloCareer and let their hiring teams focus on their core deliverables.  

The same logic holds water for the product companies – however, the productivity of the hiring team is not “in their face”.  However, it doesn’t take the leadership team to understand this logic and embrace the change and opt for Interview as a Service solution.

Faster Turn Around Time (TAT)

Simply put, like any other cloud services, for Interview as a Service solutions, without investing into interviewers, you reap the benefit of addressing high volume of interviews as needed.  We have a typical case study of a customer who wanted to hire 10 more people for their existing 25 people team.  We did a proof-of-concept for them and delivered a little of 100 interviews in a month.  

The PoC was authorized for a month, and next month the internal teams were analyzing the outcome.  Meanwhile, in the following month, the in-house team managed to get only 20 interviews done!  So, outsourcing first round of interview was 5 times faster for them.

In fact, the policy driven architecture of FloCareer allows talent acquisition team to have a complete control in how much time the interview must be finished. So, instead of chasing in-house hiring team to get interviews done, here they simply configure right policy for each job opening, and sleep well while interviews are getting done.


So, there you go – we told you the secret!  Two primary reasons why smart hiring teams choose Interview as a Service solution from FloPlatform.