The Benefits of Adding Video Interviews to Your Recruitment Process 

A brand does not succeed due to its ideology but the people who execute the ideology in a well-planned way. So it is apt to say that hiring the right talent at the right time is not just important but highly crucial as well. In the current world where speed is one of the major aspects of success, wasting way too much time in recruiting the right talent can be a drawback for you and that’s where video interviews come into the picture.

Video interviews are a format of pre-recorded videos or face-to-face video interviews where the interviewees answer a fixed set of questions in their own comfortable environment. Which means, no flying in interviews, no scheduling & getting right and crisp information. Here are benefits that can take your recruitment process to the next level while saving a lot many resources. 

  • Reduce recruitment costs & time 

The most tedious task of the recruitment process is communicating & scheduling interviews with candidates. Many times when you have to fly-in candidates from outside, travel & accommodation costs are added. So to sum it up, a company has to bear costs for all the candidates even though they might not be the right fit. Not just that, but think about all the time that is misspent here; video interviews save you from all of these! Travel costs are cut as no one will be flying-in, week long processes can be cut short to a day’s time as small talks & gap between two interviews are eliminated. 

  • No discrimination 

For the cases where there are multiple panels for interviews, there will be obvious differences in the interviews because of different personalities of the panelists involved. Digital interviews are conducted by computers & technology cannot be biased to anyone. Further, all the questions are same so there is no way a candidate can be wronged. Thus, the risk of losing the right candidate because of the interviewer’s own perspective is abolished. 

  • Consistency in the process

As mentioned earlier, an interviewer cannot stick to the same set of questions for each candidate & he is most likely to judge a candidate from his own perspective. In such a situation once the interviews are over, there are high chances that the final decision can be imprecise. With video interviews, questions are set beforehand so all the interviews are going to be consistent. When the flow of the interview stays same, there is a lot more consistency in the recruitment process compared to other types of recruitment methods. 

  • Test the candidate’s pro-activeness & tech-compatibility 

Video interviews are conducted with technology. So a candidate will have to be proactive in terms of registration & submission to be a part of the interview which again filters passive candidates away. Hence, the company will be spending time on only those candidates who are genuinely interested and tech-savvy. 

  • Stress free environment for candidates 

In most cases, best candidates perform poorly because they are stressed due to the interview atmosphere. They may be perfect for the job but the pressure of performing stops them from presenting themselves in their best manner. For video interviews candidates can stay prepared well in advance & they can give the interview at a time of their convenience and from any place. Along with this, candidates can take their time & give elaborate answers in a more precise manner than in-person interviews.

  • Easy Comparison Between candidates 

When interviews are conducted in-person, evaluation of candidates is purely dependent on how much the interviewers know them & the type of questions they were asked. But when it comes to video interviews, all candidates will be answering the same set of questions defined by the recruitment team. Thus, all candidates are evaluated on the same basis which makes comparison between candidates relatively similar than in person interviews. 

Apart from all these, as a brand, conducting interviews digitally gives you an edge in the market. How? For one, you can interview anyone from anywhere quickly before they are exposed to other jobs. Two, it shows that your brand is modernized with the changing scenarios & creates a rational image for the brand. It’s imperative to bear in mind that like a company wants the best candidates, candidates also want to be employed at the best company.


With the right talent acquisition software, you can save time & costs on hiring candidates. The video interviewing process ensures that your team HR recruiters select candidates efficiently and effectively. The method of video interviewing will ease the process of selection and will provide a lot of assessment data to provide the relevant department with a well created candidate profile. Picking the right video interview software and platform for hiring will ensure that you and your candidates will both be happy and satisfied with the hiring experience.