How to find the best video recruitment software for your company?

While video interviews have been around for eons now, the year 2020 has only brought it to the forefront and what better way to conduct your hiring! But in order to conduct effective video interviews, the need of the hour would be to have a good video interview software in place; one that best fits your needs. An effective video interview solution blends seamlessly with your HR division and into your daily workflow that will save your company time and costs. 

The core functions of the right video interview solutions 

A good video interviewing software will help you record/take videos of the candidates answering your questions. But while choosing one, here are a few thing to watch out for: 

  • Format diversity

The screening process for each job interview could be different. One could be a 30 second interview pitch between two shortlisted candidates and the other could be an end-to-end interview process; whatever the format of video interview, the most important criteria is to ensure your video interview software gives you a choice of format to conduct your video interview effectively. 

  • Advanced technology

While conducting video interviews, you would want to minimize latency. Hence, looking for a video interview software that records HD quality videos and protects privacy of the users should be your first choice of software. 

  • Peer Reviewing

While hiring a candidate, it is never a one man decision. If nothing, the HR department and the concerned team members with whom the candidate will be working have to assess the candidate. Hence, a good video interview software should enable sharing the candidate’s data safely to your peers and should also offer centralized feedback. 

  • Custom Branding

A small but oft looked over issue because your brand presence on the platform will set the stage for the way a candidate will perform in the interview. You can opt to record questions or maybe upload a teaser video where the candidate will get a glimpse into your company culture and be less stressed during the interview. 


These are just a few of the functionalities that will help ease your video interview process. However, with FloCareer adapting to the latest HR Tech trends, you can be sure that video interviews conducted with our video interview software will accommodate your vision and are consistently updated with the latest technology.