Between 2020 and 2030, employment in the software development industry is expected to rise by 22% in the U.S. Moreover, according to Greg Lewis, a content marketing manager at LinkedIn, developers are some of the most in-demand professionals in the world. Add this to the Great Resignation and a weaning talent pool, and this makes hiring for a developer’s position extremely challenging. 

Hiring managers must work hard to hire the best tech talent, starting with writing a suitable job description. A job description is the first touchpoint between your company and your potential recruit and plays a crucial role in selling your job. 

This article will help you write an excellent developer job description to help your company stand out from competitors and attract top talent.

What does a developer do?

The job of a developer largely depends on the company or organization's requirements. Therefore, before writing a developer job description, you should evaluate the exact needs of the role and have a complete understanding of what a developer does.

A developer designs, builds, and maintains computer programs and websites. While some build applications for desktop and mobile use, others develop operating systems that run devices and networks, and others design websites.

Developers identify user needs, analyze technical requirements, write code to build programs or websites, perform software application testing, debug, and make overall program improvements. Typically, they work closely with business analysts, systems analysts, development managers, UI and UX developers, and other teams to ensure that a project meets its objectives.

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What should a job description include?

A job description should be short and to the point while providing all the important details. Job descriptions that are between 300 and 660 words perform the best. Your job description should include the following:

Job title

Any job description should start with a brief title describing the role astutely. A concise and accurate job title will also help you rank well on SERPs and make your job description grab more eyeballs, resulting in a higher number of applications. 

When writing the title, ensure that you are as precise as possible. For example, if you’re looking for a full-stack developer or a Java developer, write that in the title. It will help you weed out candidates who don’t fit your role and save both parties time and effort.

Job details

A poorly written job description that does not mention the necessary details will result in an ineffective recruitment process. Candidates want to know what the role entails before dedicating their time to the application process. If they do not find the necessary information in the job description, they may not apply, costing you quality candidates.

If you’re unsure about what to provide in the job details, you can start by describing the basic purpose of the role and day-to-day duties. Next, specify how the developer's role adds value to your organization. This will help candidates envision themselves in the role. 

Additionally, indicate the outcome of tasks the developer must perform. Painting the big picture through these details is key to getting suitable candidates to apply.

Employee value proposition 

There were 623,627 postings for tech positions in May 2022. With so many job openings in the tech industry, developers have many opportunities to pick from. Making your company stand out from the competition is essential when your goal is to attract the best talent.

What company value proposition is to marketing, employee value proposition (EVP) is to recruiting. Clearly stating your company's value to employees will help get applications from suitable candidates. 

If you’re uncertain about what to add as EVP, you can highlight the role’s compensation and benefits, career growth opportunities, and your company culture and corporate values.


While briefly mentioning day-to-day duties in the job summary is helpful, it is essential to list all the possible responsibilities the developer will have. This information will help job seekers assess whether they are the right candidate for your job.

You can concisely outline the primary responsibilities in the form of a bulleted list. Some of the typical responsibilities of a developer include:

  • Developing new programs

  • Maintaining, improving, and upgrading current systems

  • Testing new programs

  • Writing high-quality codes

  • Communicating with management and support teams

  • Assessing operational practicality and performance 

Basic qualifications

When writing a developer job description, it is important to clearly state the basic qualifications you are looking for in a candidate, i.e., educational requirements and proven work experience. You can improve your hiring by conducting skill-based unbiased interviews. These interviews help you evaluate candidates using a consistent rubric and gauging them on the quality of their skills alone.

By specifying the qualifications for the developer role, candidates who don’t fit the criteria will be less likely to apply, making the recruitment process easier.

The key is keeping the basic qualifications list concise with appropriate keywords. Including many requirements in the basic qualifications section can deter proficient candidates from applying.

Required skills

Specifying all the technical skills you are looking for in a developer is key to finding the best candidate to fill the position. You should formulate a list of must-have technical skills and competencies you are looking for in your candidates.

Depending on the needs of the role, you can include some of the following technical skills:













If there are any other technical competencies required by the role, including but not limited to PHP frameworks, cloud platforms, etc., you can list them as well.

Every job demands specific soft skills, and you can write some of the following in the required skills section:

  • Communication

  • Project management

  • Time management

  • Problem-solving

  • Team player

  • Adaptability 

  • Strong work ethic


While a competitive salary is a job seeker’s top motivation, only 12% of job postings include salary ranges in their job description. 

Including the salary range in the developer job description is key to attracting quality candidates. Disclosing the salary shows transparency and creates a sense of trust between you and the candidate. 

Moreover, listing a salary will make hiring easier for the recruiter as candidates with expectations outside the mentioned salary brackets are less likely to apply.

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