Interview as a Service (IaaS) is a new and efficient hiring solution that is helping businesses worldwide streamline their hiring processes from start to end. 

It allows businesses to outsource the hiring process's most tedious and technical parts to trained industry professionals. As a result, businesses can make better hiring decisions faster. 

At the forefront of the Interview as a Service solution is Flocareer, a best-in-class IaaS platform where 4000+ seasoned industry professionals conduct comprehensive candidate interviews. 

But first, what exactly is an Interview as a Service platform, and how does it work? Let’s find out.

What is an IaaS platform?

Interview as a Service is a business process where hiring teams outsource the task of conducting the initial rounds of applicant interviews and selecting suitable candidates for a given role. It can be seen as an extra step added to the traditional hiring process or a complete replacement of it, depending on how a business uses it. 

Contrary to popular belief, IaaS solutions offer more than just interviewer stand-ins who’ll conduct your interview for you. IaaS platforms also ensure that the hiring process is attuned to the latest industry trends and the immediate business needs of the company. Interviewers or recruiting managers use a constantly updating question bank equipped with the most relevant questions for the initial rounds. 

Later technical rounds are then conducted as coding/scenario-based tests where the candidates are made to solve real-world problems to test their general and position-specific analytical abilities. 

For instance, a candidate applying for the role of a data analyst should be good at using business intelligence software to crunch numbers.

IaaS features 

IaaS is considered an effective and bias-free hiring solution that can help make hiring workflows faster and more efficient. The outcome is better, more qualified, and more suitable hires that stay longer with the company. Here are some of the key features of the IaaS hiring process. 

IaaS features

Higher capacity 

IaaS allows businesses to expand their recruitment operations and interview more candidates simultaneously. How? Your full-time employees will likely have other important tasks to do and hence cannot be kept tied up in interviews all day. 

Experts offered by an IaaS platform, on the other hand, are hired specifically to conduct interviews all day and shortlist the best candidates for you. This increases both the speed and efficiency with which you can hire new employees for your organization. 

Narrow Specialization 

Hiring for specialist roles is always difficult. Candidates who apply for these roles are likely to be highly qualified in a niche area that other employees at your organization may not have expertise in. This makes it difficult for you to find the right people to interview new candidates for specialist positions. 

IaaS platforms hire seasoned professionals with years of industry experience in relevant industry areas. These experts are capable of asking the right questions and conducting the best assessment tests to ensure that only the right candidate gets selected for the role. 

Bias Redemption 

No matter how experienced your hiring team is, they are likely to have internal biases

These biases come from having been a part of an organization and its inner workings for a long time. These biases might lead to your company missing out on great talent. 

An IaaS service helps you keep your hiring processes independent and bias-free. The appointed interviewers have different professional backgrounds (both experience and region-wise), allowing them to evaluate each candidate from several perspectives. 

Cost Effectiveness

But doesn’t keeping your hiring processes in-house cost less? 

Contrary to popular opinion, IaaS hiring strategies can save you money. 

In-house hiring processes require your employees to dedicate several office hours to interviewing, evaluating, and sorting through job applications. This leads to sustained disruptions in their workflows, which affects the quality and quantity of the work being done. 

This also makes it difficult for businesses to scale their hiring processes quickly. 

Hiring new people for your business would require more employees to help overlook the hiring process. 

IaaS services like FloCareer provide scalable services that adapt to your business needs. You can hire interviewers as per your requirements and generate extensive data analysis reports on demand. 

live Interview platform

The FloCareer difference 

At FloCareer, we help businesses harness the immense capabilities of IaaS services to the fullest. 

Our service-based products and business solutions allow businesses to build their own custom hiring workflow based on hiring needs and objectives. 

These services are fully-scalable, allowing them to easily adapt to client requirements. This helps companies hire more talented and qualified employees right through their growth spurts. 

Three Key Components of Interview as a Service

  • The Interview Platform

Our interview platform is more than just a video conferencing service. 

FloCareer’s live interview software allows you to conduct every part of your candidate assessment process remotely. We schedule candidates directly via SMS, WhatsApp, email or even telephone and conduct interviews automatically and even exchange valuable feedback with candidates over the platform. 

technical interview platform

The platform also allows interviewers to use presentations, videos, images, and coding environments to conduct in-depth technical interviews, which can help them assess each candidate comprehensively. 

  • Interview Structuring 

Over the years, FloCareer has built an Interviewers’ community that interacts and collaborates to develop newer ways of evaluating any skill set. 

We provide comprehensive structures, including question sets, scenario-based problems, and logical reasoning questions that can be adjusted according to proficiency and difficulty level. 

With a set, expert-evaluated interview structure, you can build consistency and standardization in your interviews. 

 FloCareer’s library of 50,000+ interview questions is an invaluable resource that can help you conduct interviews more effectively and make better hires. 

  • The FloExpert Community

We work with a global community of over 4000 carefully curated technical experts.  Each of them has 10+ years of relevant industry experience.  Not only are they adept in standard software languages and fundamental programming techniques like Java, Python, and Javascript, but they also have expertise in more specialized areas such as Machine Learning, Kubernetes, AWS, and Salesforce.  

Similar to ride-sharing apps, we match our Floexperts to the skills required for your open position to ensure an expert interview evaluation and candidate experience. Because our FloExperts are global, we can conduct live interviews for you 24x7, which makes for a responsive, competitive weapon in today’s war for technical talent. 

Each interviewer not only provides a recommendation at the conclusion of the interview, but also a comprehensive report with ratings for each interview question, relevant video clips and transcribed responses.

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