Hiring challenges? Say No More. FloCareer and RippleHire are now partnered together to bring you a platform that can solve all your hiring challenges right from tracking your applicants to getting an ideal candidate.  This integration streamlines the movement of candidate data between the two systems resulting in a high velocity hiring process reducing time to hire and demonstrating significant labor savings for clients.  Candidates selected for an interview in the RippleHire ATS are scheduled within the FloCareer platform where the technical interviews are conducted.  Candidate reports which include video interview clips as well as selection recommendations are submitted back to the RippleHire ATS.  Thus, clients can see all interview performance data by applicant and requisition right in the ATS.  

Mehul Bhatt, FloCareer CEO and Co-Founder said that “The integration puts a single pane of glass view and consolidation of data into the hands of Talent Acquisition and Hiring teams resulting in better and faster hires. It will enable clients to reduce workloads significantly by eliminating the need for entering data within each system. Not only does this reduce redundancy, but Candidate Experience is improved via quick interview scheduling and selection decisions.”

We are excited about this partnership and all the amazing things that are coming on way.  

To learn more, please schedule a demo of the Interview as a Service Platform Now.