Diving Deep into Interview Outsourcing: Navigating the benefits and challenges of outsourcing your interviews

From the days where candidates would go from company to company in search of opportunities, to the days where both Company and candidates use third party services to help them in getting an interview scheduled the “Interviewing Process” has become a user friendly process.

The major reason for this is the use of outsourcing services that take care of the tedious process which are time consuming. One such service is “Interview outsourcing”.

While we only know the foreground of the process where either party provides the required information and rest is taken care by these platforms from scheduling of interviews to finally providing the feedback for the same.

The use of these services comes with its own benefits and challenges. Let us dive in to know what are the merits and demerits and how FloCareer stands out providing their service in this market.

Benefits of Interview Outsourcing

Ease of Process

Considering the fact that the majority of interviews these days happen online, the tedious process of the HR team generally is to source candidates, schedule multiple rounds of interviews; follow ups finally convey the outcome of the interview to the candidate.

Outsourcing interviews reduces the efforts that a company has to put in the majority of this process. Companies would have to only get the required candidate profiles and once the report/feedback is received they will have to convey the result to the candidate. The entire scheduling of the interview, conducting and even the report of the interview will be provided by them at a faster and in a systematic way. This is achieved because there will be dedicated teams performing multiple activities to get the interview done according to the standards of the client.

Time, Cost and Labor effective

In any organization the entire interviewing process involves more than two personnel based on the requirement. There is a chance that in this process there may be delays from more than one person at any point in the process.

All these can be minimized when the process is outsourced and once any company comes to an agreement of the requirement, interview standards and cost for each interview these companies can sit back with a cup of tea enjoying their time until the reports are sent back.

Any Skill/Expert assessment

There will be a time for any company where for a particular project or position the company would not have any person qualified to assess the candidate either because of the niche skill set or the experience of the candidate would be high. Again, share the requirement and candidate profile to them who if needed break their head to complete this particular interview.

Just like how Newton’s law states that “for every action there is equal and opposite reaction”, there will be certain perks that come with the benefits of interview sourcing.

Challenges of Interview Outsourcing

Conveying the Requirement

In any company the need of interviewing arises if there is a new requirement or if there is any position open for a particular team/department. This team conveys their need to the HR team. Any further coordination will be happening between these teams. But when third party is involved there may be a time where these teams would have to coordinate on different instances and fill the gap in understanding the requirement.

Need of the Hour

Certain times either because of high demand for candidates or competition certain interviews need to be completed ASAP. But because of the dependence on such services there may be a possibility that the requirement may not be fulfilled on time.

Quality Standards

Another major challenge is the required standards for the interview to be met. Incase if the interview is happening within the company, any changes/updates regarding the quality standards can be done immediately, but when interviews are outsourced the quality standards have to be set initially and in case they are not met we may have to convey again but in that duration there is a chance several interviews may have been completed.

With these benefits and challenges Flocareer as a company stands out tall as it has overcome several of these challenges over the years. By constantly adjusting/updating themselves to the needs of the client, Flocareer has developed their own platform which is user friendly for both clients/candidates and for the interviewers (SMEs). Having dedicated teams to fulfill multiple tasks at the same time to deliver quality and faster output for any of the needs that the client wants.

It is also a fact that clients are acknowledged for having a good response team for any need of understanding but to deliver the required outcome with the right standards for any need of the hour.

In conclusion, the utilization of interview outsourcing services has undeniably transformed the recruitment landscape, offering both advantages and challenges to organizations. The benefits, including streamlined processes, time and cost efficiency, and access to specialized skills assessment, make it an appealing option for companies seeking a more efficient and focused approach to their hiring needs. Flocareer, as a standout player in this arena, has successfully addressed challenges by adapting to evolving client requirements. The company's commitment to innovation is evident in its user-friendly platform, dedicated teams, and swift adaptation to industry standards. While challenges such as effective communication of requirements, meeting urgent demands, and maintaining quality standards persist, Flocareer's proactive approach and responsive teams position them as a reliable partner in overcoming these obstacles. As the recruitment landscape continues to evolve, Flocareer stands poised to lead with its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction in the dynamic realm of interview outsourcing.

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