Digital Interviewing – the path to a smooth interview process

Today’s market is driven by candidates. And the best way to make your company more appealing to candidates is to ensure you have a speedy hiring process. 

Jobseekers continue to dominate the market and with a quick and efficient hiring process, you can attract the right talent or otherwise lose them to the competition. So if you have not made the switch to digital interviewing, then it is time you moved away from traditional to more modern methods of recruitment. 

At FloCareer, we make the optimum use of Digital Interviewing to help companies speed up their hiring process and select the most apt candidates for an in-person interview. So, here’s how digital interviewing streamlines and speeds up your interview process. 

1. Systematize screening & saves time

When using the traditional method of recruitment, a typical phone screening process takes anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. Hence, in a high-volume hiring scenario, you can only imagine the amount of time you would have to spend on calls. 

The process of digital interviewing allows recruiters to ask only questions that are of relevance to the interview or profile. You can pre-set the questions and set a time limit for candidates to answer those questions, thus ensuring you and your team get only the required information needed. An added advantage would be that you can evaluate candidates also based on parameters of effective communication skills and the ability to answer in a succinct manner. 

2. Getting creative in an interview

Irrespective of the role you are hiring for, there’s always scope to get creative during a digital interview. You can always go for a project based interview which is an excellent way of testing their research, understanding and presentation skills & will give you ‘what’s-beyond-the-resume’ perspective. 

Digital Interviewing

3. Provides collaborative feedback 

A telephonic interview is always a one sided conversation which also means that when you are talking to multiple candidates during the day, you might miss on a lot of important criteria while downloading the feedback to the relevant department. Digital interviewing plays a crucial role here. You can record interviews and share them directly with the relevant hiring department, thus allowing for a more precise feedback, candidate comparison and most importantly – collaborative feedback. Digital interviewing outsmarts the traditional telephonic interview by many a mile. 

4. Keeps the hiring on track 

Candidate hiring is becoming more data driven with the passing of each year and it is important to keep track of numbers for better hiring. By undertaking a digital interview process, you can – a. track your interview completion rates and b. track the number of candidates interviewed per position. Digital interviewing allows you to keep track of your cost-per-hire and time-to-hire rates. 


Digital interviews are a great way to connect with the right candidates irrespective of their location. The method of digital interviewing saves time of both the parties involved – the company and the candidate by streamlining the interview process; which is what the FloCareer digital interview process is all about. If you haven’t already implemented digital interviewing as part of your recruitment method, then it is time to make the shift because you just might snatch the right candidate from under your competitor.